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2016 has been a busy year.  

 Since January we have shipped four full containers to Haiti and two to the Philippines! 

We have also provided Feeding America with 125,000 meals.

 In total, 13,000 volunteers have helped pack over 1.3 million meals so far this year. 

Last year we packed a total of 1.7 million meals and it looks like 2016 is well on the way to meeting or breaking that record.


postheadericon Summer of Service Packing Event for Philippines

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Cornerstone Fellowship's "Summer of Service" had a goal to feed 100,000 hungry children in the Philippines but did even more!  115,128 meals were packed by over 600 people this weekend!!  Our shipment went out to the Philippines today and should arrive in about 3 weeks to International Care Ministries in Bacolod City.



postheadericon International Care Ministries


Once our food leaves the warehouse our partners pick it up at the international destination and deliver it to the families and children in need.  One of our partners, International Care Ministries, distributes KAH food to ultra-poor families in the Philippines.  You can find more about them at

A big thank you to ICM for all the work they are doing in the Philippines!  A container with over 237,000 meals will be on the way to you by the end of the month.

KAH Food Package
food-bag-1Our revolutionary food package provides 6 nutritionally-complete servings for only 20 cents per serving.
Our Mission
Our mission is to feed starving children and help end world hunger. We accomplish our mission:
  • through the distribution of fortified soy/rice casserole-style meal specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of starving children;
  • by engaging volunteers as young as 8 years old to package the ingredients for the meals; and
  • by maintaining worldwide partnerships with humanitarian organizations.


Upcoming Packing Events
Oct 1 | 9:30 - 11 am | Blue Oak's Food Packing Event.
Begin: Saturday, October 01, 2016, 09:30
Come join Blue Oaks Congregation as they hav3 a service day and one of their projects is to come pack food for hungry children around the world.
Free spaces: 15

Oct 1 | 11:30 - 1 pm | Catholic Community of Pleasanton RCIA
Begin: Saturday, October 01, 2016, 11:30
Catholic Community of Pleasanton RCIA is returning to help pack food for hungry children and you can join them by signing up now!
Free spaces: 5

Oct 1 | 1 - 2:30 pm | Minotaur Patrol Troop 888 Service Event
Begin: Saturday, October 01, 2016, 13:00
The Minotaur Patrol from Troop 888 in San Ramon are keeping up their Scout Oath by helping to pack food for hungry children around the world. You can join them by signing up now!
Free spaces: 7

Oct 2 | 10 - 11:30 am | Troop 32118 "Help Fight Hunger"
Begin: Sunday, October 02, 2016, 10:00
Troop 32118 wants to help fight hunger so they are coming to help pack food for hungry children and you can join them by signing up now!
Free spaces: 13

Oct 6 | 4:15 - 5:45 pm | Dublin High School's KAH Club
Begin: Thursday, October 06, 2016, 16:15
Come join Dublin High Schools KAH Club to pack food for hungry children around the world!
Free spaces: 22

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Hunger Facts
  • 10 children die every minute from malnutrition & hunger

  • 14,400 children die daily from hunger-related causes

  • 840 million people are severely undernourished

  • 153 million of these are children under the age of 5

  • 54 nations currently do not produce enough food to feed their populations

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