Kids Against Hunger - Bay Area
Event Managers

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Kids Against Hunger - Bay Area does about 300 events each year.  As you can imagine it takes a lot of volunteers to make that many events successful.  Each event requires an Event Manager to be in charge of the event.  The Event Managers oversee the event, from greeting the incoming packers, to collecting the donations, explaining the process to packers, to cleaning up and reorganizing the warehouse.  If you have attended an event many time you have seen Sherri Leal who in the past has been the primary Event Manager, however we have a number of other wonderful people that have been trained and have agreed to take on this responsibility. Their pictures and names are shown above.  Although you may have talked to Sherri on the phone and arranged your packing event with her, your Event Manager will most likely be one of the above wonderful people that make Kids Against Hunger such a wonderful success, without them KAH could not possibly do the number of events we do each year.